About Us - Rinjani Trekking Expert

My name is Perdy Hasan. I live in Senaru village, 601 meters above sea level, in the Northern part of Mt. Rinjani area ( the second highest volcanic mountain in Indonesia). I have been working as a trekking guide for about 5 years. Many bitter and sweet experiences I’ve gotten ever since I worked have tremendously broadened my knowledge on how to take a good care of my guest both locals and westerners coming from different places and ethnic backgrounds.

Nowadays, I am trying to enhance my skill as a sales person/trekking organizer who offers a variety of trekking packages to those who are interested in climbing Mt.Rinjani.
Through a high dedication, I’ve succeeded in establishing my own company named Rinjani Trekking Expert.

Rinjani Trekking Expert itself is aimed to facilitate people to climb Mt. Rinjani with the best service that will make you smile from start to finish of your trek.

Welcome to Rinjani Trekking Expert
The specialist trekking guide with good quality equipments.